Nokturnal Drums - Drum Therapy Vol.1

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1st installment of brand new Drum Therapy kits series is here! This kit will enhance your production process immidiately. Tough claps, punchy kicks, inspiring drum loops, fancy percussion, tight snares and many more! This kit is inspired by West Coast sound. Groove, details and textures. As usual Nokturnal Drums are all about style, originality and quality.

Kit Features:

82 NEW drum sounds (claps, hi-hats, drum loops, kicks, percussion, snares & more). All samples professionally recorded, multi-layered, mixed, processed with analog gear and sampled into ASR-10 & Akai MPC3000 for maximum punch & warmth. Everything crafted 100% from scratch. Compatible with any DAW (FL Studio, Reason, Ableton, Protools, Studio One etc.)


My country, Ukraine, is going through a difficult time right now. Russia is waging a bloody war against civilians, killing children, adults and the elderly. They are destroying cities and towns, bombing squares, houses and airports. I can't continue my work now. Me and my family, like many others, evacuated from the capital. We can't go home because it's not safe. We were all left out of work, leaving everything we have in our apartments and houses. I need your help. Buying each kit is help. You can also donate by clicking here. I am eternally grateful to everyone who has helped and continues to help. Pray for Ukraine!

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