What is Kitsi Marketplace?

Kitsi Marketplace is the first friction-less platform which allows anyone to buy and sell drum kits, sample packs, plugins, presets and tools for music creators. Anyone can sell and anyone can buy. It's like the "Ebay" and "Amazon" for sound pack creators. Everyone is good enough to participate. We accept debit/credit and crypto currency as payment (BTC, ETH, DOGE (yes, Doge), LiteCoin + more).

How much does it cost?

It's FREE to sign up and become a seller. To unlock more features and benefits, we offer affordable monthly fees and extremely competitive commission splits. [STANDARD membership = $4.99/mo] [PRO membership = $7.99.mo]


How much $ do I earn per sale?

Our FREE members earn 80% of all sales. STANDARD members get 85% of all sales. PRO members get 92% of all sales.


How many kits can I sell?

Our FREE members can sell 3 kits. STANDARD members can sell 8 kits. PRO members can sell an unlimited amount of kits.


Do you provide ARTWORK for my kits?

As a matter of fact, we have an "Artwork Request" feature. Just fill out the form details and make a request. We will forward your request to a handful of visual designers that we love to collaborate with. They will get back to you if your request meets their capabilities!


Are the packs "royalty-free"?

Each creator who sells on Kitsi Marketplace can choose whether or not their packs are "royalty-free" or not. Creators can edit their own terms and conditions in their product upload dashboard.


When exactly do I get paid?

Your commission will be sent within 24 hours of each sale. No more waiting for a "pay-out day".


How do I get paid?

As of right now, we are sending payments through PayPal, so make sure you have a PayPal Business account and enter your details in the dashboard to ensure proper payment of commissions. Go HERE for info on how to create a PayPal Business account.


Where on the website does my kit appear after I submit ?

Your kits will immediately be up on our marketplace. Our homepage is sorted using AI "randomization" to give everyone a chance to appear higher up on the page view. This shuffle is refreshed every hour. Our highest selling packs and featured packs are positioned at the top by default. Your pack will immediately be searchable in our big search bar all the way on the top of the homepage.


What's the REWARDS program?

The more you buy (and refer to friends) the more POINTS you can earn. They're like frequent flyer miles, but for Kitsi. Use your points to buy more kits, unlock special badges and perks and much more. Click on that purple "rewards" button on the bottom right hand corner to start earning points asap!


Can I create and upload packs as NFT's?

Not yet. But trust, we are currently finishing the build of an integration to allow this. We will keep everyone posted.


What happens if someone buys my packs using CRYPTO?

When someone uses crypto currency to buy your pack, the funds are automatically converted to USD and then transferred to your PayPal account, just like any other regular transaction. No need for wallets or metamask, etc.


Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel, pause or resume your monthly membership anytime. Keep in mind that while you do this, your packs will be temporarily removed from the marketplace and all payments will stop until you resume your membership.


How does the "reviews" and star-rating system work?

Anyone who purchases your pack will be able to leave a review + star rating (1 - 5) just like Yelp. This will create transparency with your audience and loyal customers and will ultimately boost sales. ONLY people who purchase your pack will be able to leave a review and rating.


If I'm already selling my packs on other websites (or my own website) can I also sell them on KITSI?

Absolutely you can.


I keep getting an error when I try to upload the zip file to my pack. Help!

The size limit for each pack you sell is (currently) 100mb. If the file is larger than that and you try to upload it, you will get an error. To fix this, just choose the "download link" option in the drop down menu to paste a private download link that your customers will receive instead (like Dropbox, for example).


How do my customers receive their packs from me after purchase?

Your customer will see a download link button immediately after checkout and will also receive an automated email containing their download link.


Can I sell sounds packs or drum kits that I don't own, didn't create and don't own the copyright to?

No. We are not responsible or liable in any way shape or form if you do this. We will be regulating this infringements if they happen.