Pack Selling Tips

If you're new to creating and selling drum kits or sample packs, don't worry!
Most people are.

It can be intimidating and overwhelming at first.

I'm here as a guide to help you get started.

The audio/music tools and service economy is pretty massive at this point. There's an estimated $10Billion market cap per year and about 50 Million music creators globally.

Yet, still today there are very limited resources on best practices to get going as a creator and seller in this ever growing economy.

Here are some baseline tips that you should keep in mind to help you get started creating, promoting and selling your packs.


  1. Create Stuff That YOU Would Buy
    It's all about solving a problem. Ask yourself this simple question: Will my drum kit or sample pack contribute anything new to the space? Am I doing this just for $, or do I truly believe my packs are good? Often, the best packs are created by music producers who love and believe in what they create. If YOU don't think it's good, why should anyone else think it is? Make stuff that you think is awesome. The right people will come.

  2. Make A Bunch Of Content
    Content is still king. The best way to promote your packs and create awareness is through content. Think of content as mini commercials. If you're stuck on what type of content to create, approach in a document my life type of way. Show people your process. Bring them into your world. Film videos explaining what your pack is and why you love it. Post these videos on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Get on TIK TOK and post videos. They don't have to look crazy professional. People appreciate honesty and authenticity more than glamour.

  3. Engage On Social Media
    The key to building a community following is to engage, engage, engage and engage some more! Twitter is your best friend. Post on there. A lot. Talk about what plug ins you love. Talk about beats and sounds you enjoy. Be cool and be yourself. Reply to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT you receive on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Look for DISCORD servers that align with your interests and engage with those communities. ENGAGE right here on our ChainKits forum. Hop into your favorite creators streams on Twitch and engage with those community members. You have to make yourself be known and you have to be consistent. Showing up is half the battle.

  4. Make Sure Your Artwork Is AMAZING
    Bad artwork = no sales. Your packs could be incredible, but if the artwork is bad, no one will buy them. Reach to graphic artists in our Need Artwork thread. Find artists on Instagram and DM them. Offer %'s of sales or up front work for hires. You can even create your own artwork (one FREE resource is If I were you, I would make sure the artwork is a square format 1024x1024. You can even animate your artwork yourself by using a free app called Werble. There's so many tools out there that are available these days. Simple google searches will find them.

  5. Create Really Good Audio Demos
    The audio demos are KEY. They're like free samples for people try to help them decide on if they want to buy the full product. If you're selling a drum kit, create 1-3 beats using ONLY your drum kit and use those as demos. If you're selling a sample pack, create a collage of 2-4 of your melody loops into one mp3 and post that up as a demo. You can post your audio demos on Soundcloud and copy/paste their EMBED codes directly into your product description in your dashboard.

  6. The More Packs You Release, The Better
    Just like anything else, you've got to consistently release product and give people a multitude of options to effectively grow your following. It's going to take time and consistency. Sample Packs are much easier to release on a more consistent basis. Think about releasing 2 per month (once every two weeks). You can even release one EVERY WEEK if you have the work ethic and time.

  7. Send Exclusive Packs To Famous Producers
    The great to create a buzz within the community is to get the attention of bigger music producers and influencers. The easiest way to do this is to offer them (via DM) free stuff. Create zip files containing 5 melody loops and upload them to Dropbox (example Illmind Loops For Murda Beatz 11-09-21) DM the download link to that person. If you can, do this consistently every week. Create a list of 3-8 big music producers that you want to consistently send packs to every week and stay consistent. Big producers want and need new loops from new producers. You can become one of them.

  8. Set The Right Price And Right Format
    You don't want to overcharge, yet you also don't want to sell yourself short. Set your prices based on the current market (this is EXTREMELY important). Example: Sample Pack with 20 loops + stems = $30 / Drum Kit with 120 one-shots = $25. You can get creative, but be smart. Cheaper doesn't always mean you'll get more sales. Make sure you have an accurate product description that tells a compelling story about your pack and why people should buy it. Include bullet points in your product description laying out everything contained in the pack and all compatibilities.

  9. Over Deliver On Your Promises
    You don't want people to just purchase ONE pack from you and then not want more. Keep them coming back for more by giving them more than they think they're getting. Add bonus folders and content in your packs. Attach perks and offer them to your customers. Get creative. Give them something unique that only you can provide.

  10. Run A Contest
    Give people a chance to engage with you by running a sample flip or drum kit contest. Users purchase your pack, create a beat using the pack and then submit their mp3 to you by the deadline. You choose your favorite beat as the winner. Get creative with the prize package (free stuff, discounts, 1 on 1's, $, collabs, etc).

There's honestly so much more to it, but these 10 things should get you kick-started (I hope!).
More gems on the way...

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