Elements Vol.1 (Guitar, Synth & Textures) - Compositions & Stems

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Elements Vol.1  (Guitar, Synth & Textures) is a collection of 10 samples written, performed, recorded and mixed Manchester Uk by @Biirdsongs for Dolen Music.  https://youtu.be/zsHU1gChm6w
This collection features swirling and ambient guitars, tape crinkled synths, granular textures, rusty percussion and jazz, RnB and modern folk chord voicing. It is inspired by modern day R&B,  classic soul, modern soundtracks and dark trap influenced melodies. This collection features many options that will create great ideas on a wide range of compositions.
It was made with an old vintage Japanese Suzuki Classical Guitar, a Martin D15, an Eastman Archtop, a J Masics Jazzmaster with Custom P90s, a pine body 50s Telecaster, a 15w classic WEM Dominator, a 60's P Bass with Lollar pick ups, and various bits and bobs that were lying around. Recorded with a vintage signal chain of a Universal Audio Solo 610 Valve preamp and with an Anthony DeMaria Labs Stereo Compressor (when it worked).
We hope you enjoy this pack, we really had fun putting it together.  
Samples are provided as High Quality Wav files.
All key and bpm labelled.
Master clearance guaranteed, license included in the pack.
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