Let The Drums Bang Vol. 1

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Demo of some sounds in this collection (drums only!!!)

VolcanoBeats · LTDB! Vol. 1 Soundkit


This sound collection is made up of 5 sets in total.

TR Legacy Kit Vol. 1- Authentic Roland TR707, 808, and 909 drum sounds sampled through a Neve 1073 and processed/strengthened through an SSL Fusion. This kit is great for all styles of electronic production. 1 PRGM, 50 sounds in total

Vinyl Chopped Kit Vol. 1- This kit was made digging through the crates. All sounds were sampled into my Akai s900 to get that 12-bit treatment and processed on one of the best effects boxes ever created...the Ensoniq ASR-X! Perfect for those that love phat, beefy sounds. 1 PRGM, 40 sounds in total

Skins and Tins- This kit is made up of meticulously recorded acoustic drum sounds. Vintage kits with original skins, a couple of vintage snares all sampled through the API 1608, and processed on the Ensoniq ASR X! The ASR-X's ability to downsample makes these sounds come to life. 1 PRGM, 45 sounds in all.

Analog Tones- This kit was made with analog synthesis. All original sounds! Made on my Moog Subsequent 37, Roland SE02, and Behringer Neutron. As well as a couple of classic vintage processors/effects (Lexicon PCM60, UREI LA-4, Tascam 102 Cassette) and final processing done on the Ensoniq ASR-X. 1PRGM, 50 sounds in all!

No Drxms Allowed- This kit was made using modular synthesis and good ole sound design! 25 sounds in this kit, no drums! 

This collection is compatible with all DAW and soft samplers that support wav files as well as the following MPC's: MPC 2000, MPC 2000XL, MPC 4000, MPC 1000, MPC 2500, MPC 5000, MPC One, MPC Live and MPC X

****This kit was made on an actual AKAI MPC 2000 so upward compatibility is guaranteed!
There are NO REFUNDS!!! So please ask questions to verify compatibility before purchase!

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