Matrix 12 Plucks N Pads (Sample Pack)

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This Kit features a combination of 17 different sounds, that include, Melodic Chord Progressions and Custom Layered Sounds. All sounds were created on the Legendary Vintage Oberheim Matrix 12 Analog Synth! (13k Value) All melodies are in Wav Format, for the Highest Quality, no mp3 recycled sounds!!! All sounds were played live by Tony Sway, to give the most authentic touch! All melodies are designed, composed and customized by Tony Sway, using the fully Analog Oberheim Matrix 12 and various different Analog Effects Pedals to add Ambience!!! All melodies are 100% royalty free except for any Major Placements or anything with over (1Million Streams) in such case, the publishing will be split evenly (50/50) (this includes, placements with Major Labels, Top Selling Artists, Radio,Performances,Commercials and Movies) Each Melody is labeled with BPM for ease of Use All Sounds are in 16 Bit/44.1kHz format Oberheim Matrix 12 Pads | Sample Kit | Loop Kit - by Tony Sway is Compatible with all DAW Software & Drum Machines!
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