Unstoppable Pop Punk Drums MIDI Pack

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The Unstoppable Pop Punk Drum Midi Pack is a unique collection of over 300 custom MIDI beats and fills aimed at elevating productions and driving creativity. These beats are hard hitting, epic and huge.

To hear the sample pack being used in a full production and to hear groove samples, please visit:


Beats are organized into individual folders labelled:

  1. Back-beats (halftime)
  2. Back-beats (normal time)
  3. Double Kick
  4. Double Time
  5. Double Time Variations
  6. Halftime Grooves
  7. KLR Grooves (Kick Left Right)
  8. Straight Beats
  9. Straight Beats Variations
  10. Fills

This pack also includes 3 signature beat collection folders labelled:

  1. Epic Chorus (35 huge arena shaking beats)
  2. Complex Grooves (21 Unique Travis Barker styled advanced beats)
  3. Big Riff Beats (25 Grooves to match with your guitar riffs for explosive combinations

Check out our sound sample videos to hear these beats in a full production and on their own!!

These Midi files were recorded at 150-200 BPM, and work best in that range. Perfect for modern pop punk and hardcore, classic pop punk and more!

Note: midi files do not make sounds on their own, a sampler and samples are needed to produce sounds. This midi pack has been mapped on Ezdrummer. If you are using a different sampler, you may need to adjust the settings. These beats have been mapped to a piano roll with kick on the bottom then snare, toms, cymbals above in that order.

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